Our Company

Founded in 1984, Strategic Media Group expanded to its present form in 2002 by bringing together several firms into a full-service communications organization. Together, the principals of SMG and their professional staff bring decades of experience and client commitment to every task. We provide strategic consultation, media production and placement, direct mail design, and on-line communications from one in-house location. When matched with a team of strategic advisers and professional campaign management, SMG adds significant creative and tactical value to a political, corporate or issue advocacy campaign.

Following the formation of the new National Mining Association, Darrell Williams developed and executed a national radio and television branding campaign that put us on the map.

― Richard L. Lawson,General (USAF) Ret., Chairman, Energy, Environment and Security Group, Ltd.

Our Approach

About Strategic Media GroupOur approach to campaigns is to offer disciplined thinking and planning followed by creative tactical implementation. Our planning process will focus on clear objectives, thoughtful strategies and targeted audiences.

And, because we take on only a handful of campaigns each cycle, we assure our clients the highest level of attention. We work only for candidates, causes and businesses that share our traditional values of freedom and liberty, limited federal government, promotion of free enterprise, reduced spending and taxes, and promotion of individual rights. To that end, we use a dynamic and compelling media mix that positively brands your campaign, business, or issue with a clear vision and pragmatic ideas.

Once retained by your advocacy group, firm or campaign, one of SMG’s principals will spend several days on site with your campaign and the candidate building a strong, trusted bond. A good working relationship between the media consultant and the candidate and campaign (and the campaign’s advisors, funders and friends) is essential if the candidate’s story is to be told truthfully and passionately.

Our Team

Public Affairs

Your campaign’s media team will consist of several highly experienced SMG staff. Together, they comprise a dynamic and effective team.

The Team includes two principals with a combined experience of more than 60 years developing successful Republican, conservative cause and free enterprise campaigns. That experience includes campaign consulting on statewide and national races as well as development of award-winning Direct Mail projects in over a hundred congressional and statewide races. All members of our senior team are veterans of the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Your SMG Team also produces nationally recognized radio and television commercials for your campaign. Using targeted marketing data, we also provide placement for TV, cable, Internet and radio. Our creative director has been the creative genius behind SMG’s winning TV ads for more than a decade.

No campaign is complete without a grassroots effort. Your SMG campaign team brings a true professional with twenty years’ experience in all areas of grassroots initiatives. That expertise initiates planning, budgeting, and targeting messages designed to build coalitions on behalf of your campaign, whether for a candidate or an issue. Our grassroots strengths allow SMG to specialize in issue advocacy and management, a trait not found in “access only” oriented firms.

Today’s effective campaign is Internet savvy. Your SMG Team directs online communications and social media with nationally recognized social media experts who have the “know how” for using this new technology to reach people you need to win.


  • Scripting, Producing and Directing
  • Post-Production, Editing and Distribution
  • Non-Linear High Definition Digital Editing With Three Independent Editing Suites
  • Extensive Library of Video Footage
  • Digital Sound Engineering and Music Composition and Music Composers
  • Digital Audio Recording and Duplication
  • In-House Video Duplication System and DVD Creation
  • High quality Commercial Printing
  • Graphic Design and Photography
  • List Development and Micro-Targeting