Message Development and Consultation

SMG develops an overriding branding theme supported by targeted specific message points to reach various voter groups consistent with the qualitative and quantitative research provided by the campaign pollster. As the media consultant for your campaign, SMG will be a senior member of the professional team and will be available every day to participate in strategic and tactical decisions.

Campaign Advertising

Public Affairs
  • SMG produces compelling printed materials and direct mail, Internet platforms and broadcast-quality video and audio productions to reach and motivate voters.
  • We specialize in the campaign message dissemination tools of broadcast and cable television, radio, voter contact direct mail and interactive online communications, including social media outreach.
  • We can play offense and defense. While we work from an intricate campaign plan and schedule to positively promote our candidate or issue, we also have the ability to rapidly respond to attacks from our opposition or outside groups.
  • Broadcast and Cable Media: SMG understands that broadcast television can be the single largest expenditure in any campaign, and we strive to use it wisely and efficiently in order to break through to achieve the greatest possible impact. We maintain an in-house production facility and media placement service which has successfully managed radio, television and cable advertising campaigns for nearly 40 years across the country and overseas.
  • Direct Mail: SMG has a long history of producing high-impact direct mail and sees its use as essential to winning votes, especially in urban and suburban areas that are in expensive media markets. SMG maintains an in-house staff of writers and artists who have won national acclaim for bold graphic presentations. In addition, we use the most sophisticated targeting software to drill down to the micro-level.

Strategic Media Group have been great help for winning our elections in Duma and city officials. The experience they share our candidates is making democracy work in Russia.

― S. Tschenko, Director, Christian Democrats, St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Online: SMG believes that no campaign is complete without an aggressive, interactive online communications effort. Today, more people get their news and opinions from their desktops, laptops and smart phones than from network news and newspapers. More people will watch YouTube during the lunch hour today than will watch prime time television tonight. Its power and reach will continue to soar. SMG will ensure this medium is an essential aspect of your campaign with an active presence on various social networking sites, each designed to build multiple communities throughout your campaign’s jurisdiction.
  • Media Training “Persuasion Power”: Our methodology includes a unique concept of "integrated communications." It is a practice that blends creative and strategic branding techniques and has helped dozens of political, energy and technology organizations achieve successful results.
  • Because you, as a candidate, are “THE MESSAGE,” our media training program integrates the candidate into that concept through:

    • Building Self-Confidence
    • Managing the Interview
    • Using the value of Emotional Connections
    • Rethinking the Power of Persuasion
    • Understanding and using "The Like Factor"
    • Attitude Counts
    • Words Matter

    Building on a strategic set of message points, the training includes fine-tuning of that messaging. We use video diagnostics at designated levels of the program to reveal any shortcomings in your presentation and to ensure progress in your readiness to perform at your very best for any type of public presentation or interview. You get to see yourself as others see you.

    SMG's media and speech-coaching program is world class. A definite MUST for any one involved in public speaking!

    ― James F. Cawley, Lt Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    In short, our intensive two-day training program gives you the competitive edge over your opposition.

    You will also find this exercise useful beyond the initial purpose of a political campaign. Upon completion, you will use what you’ve learned about communicating in your personal and professional associations for the rest of your life.

    You will have a completely new way of thinking about personal communications.

    He (Darrell) worked to improve my public speaking, which was different from my previous training as a lawyer. He was most helpful in drafting speeches and was very effective, and spent considerable time training me in speech delivery. I was elected Attorney General of Virginia, and then elected Governor of Virginia four years later.

    ― James S. Gilmore III, President and CEO, Free Congress Foundation